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Professional facilities management consultancy firm Eco FM turned to us when £20million plans were announced to regenerate an area of Stockport that houses Brighton Road Industrial Estate.

The brief was to survey this large site and begin the asbestos removal process prior to demolition. A fairly typical 1920s red brick construction, the estate posed plenty of challenges as it was built in an era when asbestos was still considered a miracle material and was used for everything from insulation to sound-proofing.

Add to that the fact that some businesses on the site were still trading, and you start to see the need for very careful planning and expert management.


Brighton Road Industrial Estate is made up of 17 units of varying sizes. These buildings are used by a diverse range of  businesses – everything from a window company and a wholesale butcher’s to a joinery workshop and a music studio.

First on our to-do list was to complete a full survey of the site and to take into consideration the many challenges and occupational hazards posed by each area of operation.  Avoiding disruption to trading was clearly a priority for those businesses still in operation on the site. We planned our survey to ensure their trading was not affected.


We have now provided clear information and advice which will allow the demolition of the site to commence, without running any asbestos management risks. Many items containing asbestos have been removed and buildings await demolition to make way for the next era of commerce on this key Stockport site.

What the client says

“Inspectas provided a comprehensive and professional service to what was a complex project, and their solutions reflected the delicate site issues. Their detailed reporting allowed future works to be programmed and financed accurately.”