The popularity of asbestos as a miracle material exploded during the Industrial Revolution, as did the (then unknown) poisonous health effects on those who mined, refined and used it.

Its resistance to chemicals, fire, water and electricity made it an excellent insulator for steam engines, turbines, boilers, ovens and electrical generators that powered this new era. Its pliable properties made it a natural choice for building, binding and strengthening.

Fast-forward to today and the industrialised world is well aware of the dangers and limitations of asbestos use. Our challenge now is to manage the legacy of risk left behind by history’s reliance on a material with seemingly endless practical and commercial applications, through providing industrial asbestos surveys and removal.

With our expertise and interactive tools such as our sophisticated EMS system, we will make this process simple. We’ll assess your current risks and advise you on what needs to be done. Once we’ve completed this work, we’ll stay right by your side to keep you on track, continuing to protect your people and your business.

At Inspectas we have vast experience of working in industrial settings and protecting clients who operate in this most demanding of environments.

Live machinery, heavy equipment, chemicals and gases – we understand the unique risks of the sector and we are well equipped to deal with the challenges it presents.