Air Testing & Reoccupation Certification

Keeping your people protected from an invisible killer

Asbestos fibres are tiny.  And we mean teeny-tiny.  So small in fact that they can be carried on the air: invisible, odourless, silent but still deadly – and that’s not good news.

Responsible companies must ensure that staff aren’t exposed to any fibres released into the air. That happens when asbestos-containing-materials (ACM) are damaged or disturbed, or simply as a result of deterioration over time.

Peace of mind

So what can you do? If you even suspect fibres have been disturbed – say following renovation or building works – an essential next step is Asbestos Air Testing.  This will tell you if the fibres are at a safe concentration within the air, and if further action is required.

How we can help

Here at Inspectas we undertake the most rigorous, UKAS ISO 17025 accredited air monitoring and four stage clearance services in line with HSE guidance and best industry practice.  What’s more, because we have been granted an extended scope by UKAS, our site vans are now accredited mobile laboratories.

Did you say Mobile Laboratories?

Yes, we did. This means we don’t have to set up the lab on, in, or near your premises – we can count your air samples and generate your report right there and then, all done from inside our vehicles.  In addition to that, we’re therefore close by to deal with any incidents that may need addressing.

We offer the full range of air testing and four stage clearance services, covering:

  • Personal Sampling
  • Compliance sampling
  • Background Sampling
  • Leakage Testing
  • Reassurance Sampling
  • Four Stage Clearance / Site Reoccupation Certification

Fast-acting, expert services – and everything is mobile!

We know you’re busy people – so we get right on the case and provide you with:

  • Air testing results and paperwork issued on site thanks to our UKAS accredited mobile laboratories
  • Fail-safe data capture – all done electronically, via tablet and in ‘real time’, and backed-up to our innovative EMS – more about that here
  • Our highly trained management team overseeing operations from start to finish
  • A comprehensive UK wide service – there when you need us
  • Fixed price, same day estimate – with no nasty surprises

And that’s not all…

If we identify any elevated fibre levels within the air, then you can rely on us to advise or even project manage any removal works, or undertake related tender preparation and evaluations.

If you need to chat about your asbestos air testing requirements, fill out our contact form or just call us direct on 0844 264 0094.