Retail & Commercial

Approximately ten million people are employed in the UK retail and commercial sectors and every one of those individuals must be protected from the risk of asbestos.

In both these sectors, we know that “business as usual” is the message you need to communicate.  It’s a message that can be communicated confidently when the safety and wellbeing of those working on their premises are taken care of.

We know that retail brings with it specific challenges that can complicate asbestos management, not least the fact that the workforce is often made up of short-term and part-time workers.

We understand that this can make maintaining a consistent level of compliance and awareness particularly difficult.  

And if you manage a city centre office block, a shopping centre or an entire portfolio of properties, we have the expertise to help you take care of your asbestos responsibilities swiftly and safely.

We understand the need to minimise disruption to the day-to-day operations of your business and for the need to handle things discretely. We respect the sensitivities of the commercial and retails worlds and operate with the professionalism you’d expect.

We also know other compliance challenges include the:

  • presence of staff, contractors and the public on a daily basis
  • the need to carry out work while preserving the cosmetic face of the store or offices
  • periodic refurbishments connected to seasonal initiatives and sales campaigns
  • frequent existence of asbestos-containing materials in ceiling voids above the trading area
  • balance required between maintaining retail space and providing adequate time and space for maintenance or removal activities

We have worked with many well-known high street retailers and commercial brands to help them manage their asbestos responsibilities. We’ve also developed sector-specific training to ensure all employees have the awareness, knowledge, and competence they need. We’ll work closely with you to ensure maximum protection with minimum disruption to your day-to-day business.

On top of that, our free cloud-based EMS system makes it easier than ever to be compliant even when managing multiple properties. Real-time status reports and compliance documentation for your whole property portfolio are available at the touch of a button, wherever and whenever you need them.