The Inspectas EMS

Managing multiple properties? Multiple locations? Various asbestos management projects running at the same time?

Imagine if you could keep track of all your asbestos risks anytime, anywhere without ever updating a single file. How relieved would you be if you could instantly find and share records with colleagues or the HSE? What if we told you we could make this a possibility for absolutely no extra cost?

It’s true! Let us introduce you to our cherished electronic management system – we prefer to say our EMS. Let it vacuum up all your old paperwork, organise your diary, respond to your information demands and generally be your all-seeing eye in all your asbestos matters.

You don’t even need any specialist software to feel the nice warm benefits of the system. Our customers simply login and go. It’s the future of asbestos management.

Check out our short video on what Inspectas EMS can do for you