Emergency Call Out

None of us can read the future.  (If we could, we wouldn’t make a living handling hazardous substances – we’d be buying guaranteed lottery tickets).

Anyway, because you never know what’s round the corner, Inspectas offer an emergency call out service to deal with unexpected and dangerous situations.  These include problems such as:

  • Collapsed asbestos ceilings or partition walls
  • Fire or flood damage to retail, commercial, industrial or domestic buildings
  • Storm damage to fascias and soffits
  • Contaminated loft, attic or basement spaces
  • Fly-tipped asbestos waste

We pride ourselves that we can respond to your asbestos issues before you can say “oh fudge, what do I do now?”

So anytime, day or night, we’re here to take your call and advise the best plan of attack to deal with your asbestos emergency.

In short, don’t panic.

Just put the kettle on and call us right now on 0330 838 9898.