What to expect

Reassurance. That’s what you want and deserve to get when you pay someone to sort out your asbestos business. And it’s exactly what you’ll get from us – just ask one of our satisfied customers (that’s all of our customers by the way).

But how will you know we’ve done a good job?

Because no matter how big or small the job, we’ll always make sure we provide our expert advice on the spot and a full survey report within just five days of our inspection. There’s no waiting and worrying.

Instead you’ll quickly find out:

  • exactly where your asbestos is located
  • what needs to be done to deal with it, how it will be done and when this will happen
  • the meaning of any asbestos survey report you get
  • that we’re professional, honest guys who won’t let you down

Our Process


Our easy-to-use EMS system puts an end to piles of paperwork and the stress of writing compliance reports. We’ve harnessed the technological wonders of the cloud to provide the perfect place to store, access and generate up-to-the-minute reports and documentation relating to your asbestos responsibilities.

We also have all of the awards and industry accreditations you’d expect from an expert, responsible company that’s built on the professionalism of its people – see below.

Want a little more?

Read our latest Corporate Brochure here.

Inspectas Brochure