Asbestos Surveying

Asbestos regulations (The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, to be precise) place a legal duty on employers or premises owners to take steps to identify, manage and monitor asbestos-containing materials within their property. No need for that to sound so daunting when you have Inspectas on your side.

We’ll thoroughly check the safety of your premises and advise on any steps you need to take to stay protected. All our asbestos surveys are:

  • UKAS accredited
  • comprehensive
  • cost effective
  • tailored to your business’s needs and environment

All documentation generated by our experienced surveyors is easy to understand and available online via our web-based EMS System to access whenever and wherever you need it.

Management Plan

Our Management Plan comprises specific advice and comprehensively details the actions that are required, based on the conclusions and recommendations in the survey report.

We can devise a plan for each survey we do, along with an exact timescale and work schedule against each of the specific recommendations that have been identified.

We’ll then work with you to tick off each item including:

  • asbestos removal/remedial services
  • asbestos awareness training for staff
  • legally required annual re-inspections
  • asbestos policy implementation

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