Asbestos Consultancy

If we had a gold star package, our asbestos consultancy service would be it.

As your asbestos consultant we will manage the entire process for you to ensure your ongoing legal compliance.

We’ll shoulder all of the big responsibilities while looking after all of the little details, such as providing:

  • advice tailored to your specific circumstances and business environment
  • cost-efficient solutions
  • tender process management to ensure the best contractors for the job
  • answers – we’ll be on site from day one to manage the job
  • paperwork to ensure you have all the documentation you need

Everything we do at Inspectas is done in accordance with the Health & Safety Executive requirements. All removal supervision is carried out under current asbestos regulations so you can rest assured you’re in good hands every step of the way.

For more about our consultancy services call 0844 264 0094 or contact us here.