Moving home or planning alterations to your existing one? Was the property – or part of it – built before the year 2000?

If the answer to the above questions is yes then there is the possibility that your home could contain hazardous asbestos.

No need to panic! But there is a need to check it out. See the Health and Safety Executive’s advice on where to find asbestos.

Most common occurrences can be sorted out quickly and easily with specialist advice, encapsulation and simple management solutions. Never disturb or attempt to remove asbestos yourself. Qualified asbestos consultants like us have been specially trained to handle this potentially lethal substance safely.

As domestic asbestos consultants, we’ve helped hundreds of people protect themselves and their families from the dangers of asbestos. Our friendly, professional colleagues will check your home, recommend what needs to be done (if anything at all) and organise for it all to be sorted out for you. All with minimum fuss.