​Former vice-chairman of North Devon Council fined for asbestos danger

A former vice-chairman of North Devon Council has appeared in court after exposing a family to asbestos while carrying out boiler work.

Brian Hockin, 57, of Bickington, pleaded guilty to breaching health and safety regulations during a hearing at North Devon Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

It related to work which was carried out at his home, and that of another family in Williams Close, Wrafton, between February 3, 2015 – while he was still a serving councillor – and August 8, 2015.

The charge read that Hockin “failed to conduct work” on a warm air boiler and with material disturbed during the work in a way which ensured the safety of the family and anyone else who came into contact with the site. In particular it related to “the risk from containing material that was disturbed, bagged, transported and stored” during the work.

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