Former plumber dies following exposure to asbestos

A former plumber died of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos during his career. John Edward Harris, 75, died on October 5.

Coroner Mark Bricknell concluded at a Hereford Town Hall hearing on Thursday that death was due to an industrial disease.

Doctor Sarah Williams, of the Marches Practice said that 18 months earlier Mr Harris had been diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma and since July 2014 he had been admitted to St Michael’s Hospice on two occasions.

Following this he was discharged to a care home because of his pain. She said:

“Over the past few weeks he was becoming increasingly drowsy and on October 5, he was no longer taking oral medication.”

Dr Jay Ryan, consultant, said that Mr Harris had been working as a plumber and high exposure to asbestos was normal in that profession.

Mr Bricknell said that Mr Harris lived in Leominster and although he didn’t live near asbestos regularly worked with it.