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The Department of Archaeology at Durham University has a large basement area which had been used for the storage of samples.

Following an assessment of this space in 2023 as part of the university’s asbestos management responsibilities – managed and undertaken by Inspectas – it was deemed no longer suitable for storage due to the presence of encapsulated asbestos containing materials (ACMs).

As a consequence, the large number of samples stored in this space needed to be removed, cleaned and a new dedicated ‘clean’ storage space created in the basement for the Department of Archaeology to use for sample storage.

What the client said

“Inspectas worked closely with the Department of Archaeology from the outset of this project, identifying our needs and concerns, undertaking reassurance air monitoring and working to identify a process for extracting, cleaning, storing and then relocating our samples.

The work was carefully co-ordinated and planned with the department to ensure there was no disruption to our teaching, to student projects or to research activities. Inspectas were hugely communicative and accessible to the department throughout the two weeks of work and ensured that the project was completed and managed seamlessly from start to finish.

The project was completed on time the Department of Archaeology now has a dedicated storage space which is clean and free from ACMs.

We have worked with Inspectas for a number of years and have built a good working relationship through their consultancy services.  We insist on high standards where asbestos is concerned and the Inspectas team is aware of this and can be relied upon to meet our requirements. 

We have found them to be accommodating when working within strict timescales, and they have delivered works to the required standard to meet our agreed deadlines.  I would have no hesitation in recommending them for similar works.”