Commercial Property Partners (CPP)




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Inspectas completed asbestos management surveys for commercial properties for Commercial Property Partners (CPP). To date we have completed 12 surveys at various properties across Sheffield. CPP give individual work orders for each property, as and when required. Our bank of surveyors in Sheffield allow us to quickly book and attend each survey. To date all surveys have been completed within 3-5 days of receiving the work order.

All reports are uploaded within five working days to a secure portal, accessible by CPP. We also send email copies of all reports to the designated contact.

Works are undertaken in a live working environment, often in office blocks or large commercial buildings. We work with the facilities or building manager to conduct surveys at a time to cause least disruption to the staff working in the building.

As part of this contract, we have stringent Health and Safety controls in place to protect workers and visitors to the building. This includes signage and restricting access to working areas.

We have delivered within the timescales and to the agreed KPIs. Based on our performance on this contract, CPP have now awarded us a contract to complete their annual re-inspection reports.