COVID-19: best practice that keeps customers safe

Looking after our clients in uncertain times

With the unprecedented concern surrounding COVID-19 we take the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and clients extremely seriously. For this reason, we can undertake both residential and commercial surveys without the need to be accompanied on site.

Health professionals do not know exactly how this virus spreads from person to person, but do understand that by reducing human contact, we can all help prevent the virus from spreading further.

The right kit that means minimal contact, but maximum effectiveness

All of our surveyors have been provided with full disposable personal protective equipment (PPE) and respirators that help prevent contamination and transference of harmful elements both to our colleagues and our clients.

By conducting surveys in full PPE and RPE, from the moment we enter the property we eradicate primary infection points such as hands, and via the use of P3 filters in our RPE, we protect our surveyors and clients from potential airborne transmission or infection.

Fully compliant with the Government’s required standards of hygiene

Ensuring that nothing is left to chance, we operate a multi-point cleanse procedure when entering all client premises, and this is mirrored when leaving them too, to deliver the very highest standards of hygiene in line with government guidelines.

All of our surveyors are currently lone working and receive daily updates on Inspectas’ procedure with regard to undertaking inspection activities – ensuring that human contact is minimised.

Our surveyors have been given preferred communication and survey strategies ensuring that where at all possible, surveyors and clients are not within the same vicinity whilst the survey is being conducted.

Where this is not possible, we are operating a strict 2m exclusion zone from the survey team, again as per Governmental guidelines.

Business as usual

Whilst we appreciate this may be a difficult time, as always we are here to support our clients. Prior to – and to some extent regardless of – the recent coronavirus situation, the very nature of our work means we always operate within the very strictest of safety guidelines.

So as government, industry and the general public continue to digest and adapt to new ways of thinking and working, we can guarantee the continued delivery of the same high standards of service to your organisation.

For any more details, contact us today at or on 
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