Meet Andrew Ford

Senior Director Land Remediation

Andrew has a pivotal role in our Land Remediation team, overseeing daily operations to guarantee timely and effective delivery of projects for residential and commercial clients. With a passion for environmental sustainability and vast experience of executing complex Land Remediation projects, Andrew’s encyclopaedic knowledge and understanding of environmental and regulatory challenges make him a true industry leader in this specialist field.

What people don’t tend to know about Andrew…

“I’m an amateur photographer which allows me to view the world through a unique lens, capturing moments in their purest form. It gives me a sense of escapism and an outlet to really focus on my love of the outdoors and the environment.”

Career highlight

“Strategically shaping and directing the Inspectas Land Remediation Division and forming such fulfilling and rewarding relationships is an absolute career highlight for me. I am inspired every day to continue developing our forward thinking vision for this specialist side of the business.”