Family and solicitors of Hull construction worker killed by asbestos issue call for justice

The family of a Hull construction worker who died after being exposed to dangerous asbestos for decades have called on his former colleagues to help them in their fight for justice.

John Savage died in May last year aged 75, with his death thought to be linked to asbestos exposure after working for Hull-based demolition firm Sam Allon and DJ Broady Limited over the course of the 1970s and 80s.

During that time, his wife Iris claims he had to work in environments riddled with asbestos, with no safety equipment to prevent him from breathing in dangerous particles. She said:

“John had been ill for some time which he found very difficult. He always had such a strong constitution and then to discover it was related to asbestos exposure, it was just devastating.

He worked hard all of his life and prided himself on that, not realising he may have been in danger from it. John was well known and often socialised with the people he worked with.

We would like his legacy to be raising awareness of the dangers of being exposed to asbestos and encouraging people to seek help if they think they might have been in the same situation, anyone who worked with John at that time would be helping others by coming forward.”

Mr Savage’s family have since launched a campaign for justice and now want anyone who worked with the construction worker to help confirm the presence of asbestos in certain building sites.

They also want to raise awareness of the harsh reality of what exposure to asbestos can do so other families affected by the loss of a loved one due to asbestos can get the help they deserve.

James Burrell, an Asbestos specialist and partner at Bridge McFarland Solicitors, the firm representing the family, said:

“This is one of numerous tragic cases which Bridge McFarland have been instructed to investigate in the past few years.

We are currently looking for information from Mr Savage’s former colleagues who are able to confirm the presence of asbestos in the work sites they frequented for Sam Allon (Hull Limited) and/or DJ Broady Limited.

It would also be helpful to know what, if any, safety equipment or training was provided to the staff we believe were exposed to this asbestos.

We appreciate that news of the cause of John’s death may be alarming for those who worked alongside him and may have been exposed to asbestos.

We will endeavour to provide what support and advice that we can.”