Former bricklayer died after asbestos exposure, inquest told

A retired Southampton bricklayer died after years of asbestos exposure, an inquest heard.

Peter Dampier worked at Fawley Refinery after leaving the army in 1958. He was first exposed to deadly material whilst repairing a chimney.

The towering structure was lined with asbestos because of its heat protection capabilities. In a statement written before his death, Mr Dampier said:

“I was not directly in contact with asbestos, but carpenters and plumbers working near me would use it.  I was not provided with any warning nor with any protection.”

The 80-year-old also helped construct the University of Southampton student accommodation buildings on Wessex Lane in the 1970s, where asbestos was also used.

However, in 2014 Mr Dampier was diagnosed with mesothelioma and died on July 5 at his home.

Assistant coroner Sarah Whitby recorded a conclusion of death due to industrial disease.