Hampshire man dies of industrial disease after exposure to asbestos at dockyard

A Swanmore man died of an asbestos-related cancer after coming into contact with the deadly substance when working as a shipwright.

David Brown died earlier this year on May 24 after a battle with mesothelioma, a cancer which is linked to asbestos exposure.

Winchester Coroner’s Court heard how the 80-year-old was exposed to asbestos when he worked at Portsmouth Dockyard as an apprentice shipwright between 1953 and 1958.

A statement from Mr Brown about his work history was read out in court.

Mr Brown said he worked on several ships where he would help remove lagging as part of refits and refurbishments.

He said that pipes were lagged with asbestos and he did the “dirty jobs” as he was an apprentice and there were no masks or warnings about asbestos, he described the environment as “very dusty”.

Senior coroner Grahame Short concluded that he died of death due industrial disease. Mr Short said:

“I find that the medical cause of death is malignant mesothelioma, it is apparent that from his statement from his work between 1953 to 1958 when he worked as a shipwright at Portsmouth Dockyard he was exposed to asbestos dust.”