Inspectas Compliance recruits next generation of Asbestos Analyst Surveyors

Property compliance specialist Inspectas is tackling the issue of gender representation in the asbestos industry head on, with the appointment of two female trainee analyst surveyors.

Abbi Molyneux (19) and Lilly Holden (18) are the newest recruits to the Leeds-based asbestos management specialists, which celebrated its 10th anniversary and doubled its office space last year.

Appointing the duo represents the company’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity and its investment in the next generation of asbestos analysts. Both trainees are on a five-year path to become qualified asbestos management consultants with full support and financing of their British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) qualifications.

With a passion for STEM subjects, Lilly is hoping her new role will inspire others to pursue a career which reflects the things they love. She said:

“I’ve always been practical and hands-on and I’m aware I’m entering what’s traditionally a male-dominated profession – but that’s not new to me as I was one of just two girls studying Design Engineering at New College in Bradford!

After visiting Inspectas on work experience, I realised it was just what I’d been looking for – interactive, because we are constantly meeting people onsite, varied with the amount of travel and different places that we visit including schools, universities and social housing where asbestos has been removed and there’s a clear career path ahead. Everyone is so friendly and I feel I’m learning a lot every day that I shadow the team.”

Abbi, who joins Inspectas straight from studying law, psychology and criminology at New College in Bradford, is also keen to progress through the key stages to become a qualified asbestos analyst surveyor. She added:

“Inspectas has so much experience on the team. We are learning on the job every day and being guided through all the different stages of the asbestos clearance process.

It is challenging but it’s such an important service – asbestos still exists inside some buildings but removal and its management is a specialist area that I’m excited to be a part of.”

Inspectas was formed in 2013 by asbestos management professionals Craig Candlish and Matthew Fahy who combined their expertise to launch Inspectas Compliance. Today, the company has a portfolio of more than 150 clients in the education, healthcare, retail, construction and industrial sectors.

Director Matthew Fahy said:

“Trainee analyst surveyors are the backbone of our industry and we know it’s historically been a challenging environment for women to work in.

We are committed to giving equal opportunity to all of our employees and want to contribute to the diversity and career prospects that are available within this sector.

“We are absolutely delighted to welcome Lilly and Abbi onto the team. Their interest in and passion for our sector is a fantastic basis for us to build their knowledge and education through BOSH training and qualifications and we’re looking forward to watching them develop and flourish in this rich, varied and fast-paced compliance learning environment.”