Ipswich parents back closure of primary school after asbestos discovery

Builders working on the building at Broke Hall Primary School, Ipswich dislodged some asbestos at the end of last week. That has to be cleared up by specialist contractors – and headteacher Jenny Barr wrote to parents over the weekend to warn that the school could not open until September 12.

Posting on Facebook over the weekend, parent Lindsey Lambert said:

“I’m glad they are taking precautions so our children are safe. It’s just frustrating it’s so close to the start of term when they have been doing building work since the beginning of July.

It’s a pain for us parents but we have all rallied around and will all look after each other’s children. Their health is the priority. Mrs Barr is a fantastic head and wouldn’t have made this decision unless it was totally necessary.”

Other parents expressed their dismay that after a big build up their child’s first day at school was being delayed, while Stefanie Racheal said:

“It’s for the health and safety of the children. People need to grow up. Would you rather children get ill in say 30 years time of a nasty possibly fatal condition? So what if they only found it now? I would rather they found it now than expose our children!”

Tina Sallows-Dixon added:

“Obviously the school wouldn’t have closed if it wasn’t necessary. It’s a major health issue for both teachers and pupils.”