Inspectas helping to make the future stay bright for Red Sky Dawn

Red Sky Dawn is a young band priding itself on writing new songs, but unashamedly mashing transparent influences from the golden musical eras of the 1960s, 70s and 80s in particular. They hail from the Joy Divison town of Macclesfield, and you will hear that band’s influence in some of Red Sky Dawn’s songs – both lyrically and sonically. You will hear also the inspirations of bands like The Cure, Big Country, The Police and Snow Patrol.

It may not be so obvious yet, but there are old-style bands in garages up and down the land right now attempting to recreate the wealth of older music they have instant access to on streaming services. Red Sky Dawn is playing to growing audiences and is a band leading that charge and is proud to be backed Inspectas Ltd.

Craig Candlish (Director of Inspectas Compliance) is the uncle of the bass player Josie Candlish (also an Inspectas employee) and lead guitarist Charlie Candlish. Inspectas paid for the recording of their first spotify release last year – “What were you Thinking”.    

Inspectas have continued to support the band this year in providing rehearsal/recording space and help with transport to gigs. The band have now gone on to release their first EP on vinyl. They are playing live in HMV stores in London, Stockport and Dunfermine over the next couple of months.