Make the most of the summer holidays to get reassured on asbestos in your school

As we head into the summer holidays, how confident are you about the presence and condition of any asbestos in your school, university, college or other education premises?

Despite asbestos use being outlawed at the turn of this century, it is still prevalent in UK schools, with as many as 3/4 of the properties built before 2000 still containing some form of the substance.

Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) include:

  • asbestos lagging used as thermal insulation on pipes and boilers
  • sprayed asbestos used for thermal insulation, fire protection
  • partitioning and ducts
  • asbestos-insulating board (AIB) used for fire protection, thermal insulation, partitioning and ducts
  • some ceiling and floor tiles
  • cement roofing and guttering
  • textured coatings

The current HSE guidance is that its presence alone should not cause concern – provided it is being managed properly.

How comfortable are you with your Asbestos Management?

How can you use the time over the holidays to get reassured?

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