One step closer to justice for mum’s asbestos-related death after Daily Record appeal

A man whose mum died from asbestos-related cancer says he is closer to finding justice – after witnesses came forward following a Scottish Daily Record appeal.

Alexander Culbert lost his mother Martha to mesothelioma in May. She was 72.

The 50-year-old believes his mum was exposed to asbestos when she would shake the dust from her husband Joseph’s work clothes before washing them.

Joseph, who was a labourer at Colvilles Steel Mill at Ravenscraig, Lanarkshire, in the late 60s, died from multiple myeloma, another asbestos-related disease, in 2007. He was 74.

The Daily Record told last month how Alexander and his wife Vanessa, 56, are making a “loss of society” claim. They instructed law firm Harper Macleod to investigate Joseph’s exposure to the deadly dust and fibres, which they say led to Martha’s secondary exposure. Alexander said:

“I was extremely happy to hear from my father’s former colleagues and welcome their information, which I hope will go a long way to getting the justice both my parents deserve.

A number of the people who called also had loved ones who passed away from this terrible disease.

The warmth and kindness of those who have assisted us in this appeal has been overwhelming and we’re extremely grateful.”