Planning to refurbish your business or residential premises? Think asbestos!

If your company has a construction, refurbishment or demolition project in the pipeline, then you are responsible for undertaking specific asbestos surveys.

Under the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012, an employer must not undertake demolition, maintenance or any other work which risks exposing employees to asbestos, unless they have carried out a suitable assessment of whether asbestos may be on the premises, what type of asbestos it may be – and what condition it is in.

Fortunately our experience and competencies extend deep into supporting the wider building solutions that run concurrent to asbestos management.

We work closely with construction firms, architects, property managers and all types of tradespeople to ensure continuity and safety for the duration of your construction or refurbishment project – right across the property spectrum. 

And we appreciate that time is money – the last thing you need is for your project to go on hold because your asbestos ducks haven’t been lined up!

So if you are planning changes to your property – or a brand new build – and you need any support, get in touch for a survey today or call 0844 264 0094.