Plumber’s family get deserved asbestos compensation

The family of a West Yorkshire hospital’s former long-serving plumber has been issued compensated after he developed a lung condition through asbestos exposure.

Jack Coleman, from Cleckheaton, worked in maintenance repairing pipework at the hospital from 1980 until 2004 but the service tunnels he worked in were poorly ventilated and contained asbestos-insulated pipes.

He used to manually remove the asbestos to access the pipework but was not issued protective equipment for his first seven years of employment.

After developing regular chest infections towards the end of his career, he was rushed to hospital in 2010 and diagnosed with asbestos-related pleural thickening that affects the lining of the lungs. He later died from a heart attack.

Mr Coleman started a claim with the backing of Thompson Solicitors and Unite Legal Services before his death and his daughter Sam continued the claim on behalf of her mother and family. She said:

“We have peace of mind knowing that he had been involved in instructing the investigations.

He knew he had his union working to make sure someone was going to be held responsible for his condition.”