Slough Council alerts HSE over questionable asbestos disposal

Images appearing to show council contractors disposing of asbestos in a questionable way have been passed to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), reports the Slough & Bucks Observer.

Pics courtesy of Slough & S Bucks Observer

Slough Borough Council said it would take the action after a resident at emergency accommodation in Lewins Way made a video of workers extracting the material.

The council believed the contractors had broken the asbestos sheets inside polythene bags once sealed. They understood the workmen had used sealable polythene bags to hold the asbestos while it was broken, but the workers apparently only used ordinary refuse sacks.

But in photos supplied to the Slough Observer, the workmen appear to be disposing of the asbestos in ordinary refuse sacks, as well as breaking the sheets outside them.

The HSE is responsible for health and safety enforcement, and it remains to be seen what action will be taken.